Technology Scotland recently caught up with our member, FAIRTIQ, for our Member Spotlight series. We find out about who FAIRTIQ are and what they do, why they joined Technology Scotland, and much more! Take a look below and get to know them.

What does your organisation do?

FAIRTIQ provides an integrated, multimodal (Bus, Train, Tram, Metro, Cable Car, Ferry), Pay as you go (PAYG) mobile app based ticketing solution, where the passenger simply “Checks-in and checks-out”.

The feedback that we receive from passengers is exceptional. They find it so simple to use, it automatically selects the best and right fare and makes it easy to use public transport with confidence. FAIRTIQ utilises the features of a smartphone, advanced algorithms and does not need any gates, ticket validators or beacons, which makes it very cost effective and quick to implement. Kit (SDK), which makes integration into MaaS apps straightforward.

What is your organisation’s biggest achievement?

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, FAIRTIQ covers the entire national public transport network for all 250 operators. It is also available in large parts of Germany, Austria and France. It is growing throughout Europe, with new areas of validity announced regularly. FAIRTIQ’s technology is fully integrated in the apps of the national railway companies of Switzerland (SBB) and Austria (ÖBB) using the flexible SDK (Software Development Kit).

The following short film ‘The Way We Move’ is presented by The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and produced by BBC StoryWorks. The film shows the simplicity of travelling on public transport in Switzerland using FAIRTIQ by profiling a professional dancer who needs ultimate flexibility for her spontaneous lifestyle. – Dancing is optional!

Tell us something exciting about your organisation.

FAIRTIQ has now been used for over 108m journeys and continues to grow exponentially as more people are finding that “FAIRTIQ Makes Public Transport Easy”. This level of customer usage, including national systems in Europe makes FAIRTIQ a proven, mature solution for all organisations that want to make “Public Transport Easy” for the travelling public.

Why did you join Technology Scotland?

Being part of the MaaS Scotland community is important for the development of FAIRTIQ so that we can understand the needs, plans and aspirations of Scotland. We can also help Scotland with the integration of PAYG Public Transport Ticketing into their MaaS initiatives and help attract more people to public transport. FAIRTIQ provides a flexible, modular Software Development Kit (SDK), which makes integration into MaaS apps straightforward.

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