MaaS Scotland - Rethinking Mobility

At MaaS Scotland, we believe in rethinking mobility in a way that is smarter, faster and greener than ever before.

Our goal is to deliver new and alternative ways for people in Scotland to travel, whether they’re based in big cities or rural areas.

By working with companies and organisations to create the future of mobility we can integrate various forms of transport into one single mobility service.

The MaaS Scotland group is now internationally recognised. We are a strong network of companies and organisations offering products and services along the MaaS value chain.

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MaaS Scotland - Rethinking Mobility

All over Scotland, our team are planning initiatives that will engage transport operators, service provides and end-users.

By encouraging shared work and collaboration, we plan to :

  • Drive Scotland’s MaaS community
  • Increase the take-up of projects
  • Address user needs
  • Develop technological solutions.

The results will be the development of a thriving network here in Scotland and beyond, enabling a future of smart, efficient and sustainable mobility.

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