The TRANStech Awards will recognise imagination and innovation by those using technology to improve our transport system. They will reward excellence and achievement in both established and emerging areas of mobility and transport. The benefits to users and society as a whole is at the forefront of the assessment process for winners. Please note, the deadline for entry has been extended to Friday 9 August 2019.


Across many modes, suppliers, system operators, transport agencies and new generation entrepreneurs are investing in rewriting the model for how we travel.

New concepts and ideas are being applied in lots of areas such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS), digital transport, intelligent transport, smarter travel and Healthy Streets environments, energy-efficiency and automation. The changes are improving travel by car, public transport, cycling, walking and everything in between. The TRANStech Awards now provide the opportunity for forward-looking companies, organisations and individuals to put their achievements in the spotlight. The Awards will bring deserved recognition to those individuals and organisations who are using technology to improve transport.

The Awards have been established by Landor LINKS, a leading specialist transport publishing and intelligence organisation, who have brought together a team of experts from various sectors to deliver the project.

The TRANStech awards recognise and reward the impacts, experiences, breakthroughs and game-changing products and projects that are using technology to improve transport.

The inaugural event, taking place at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London on 1st November 2019, will bring together the transport sector and its customers and partners from across the established Automotive and transport industries, and those who have been introducing a range of New Mobility Concepts.

Innovators and pioneers are invited to celebrate their own and others’ successes for outstanding contributions which are reshaping the way transport is provided and used for the better.