Technology Scotland and ScotlandIS announce launch of MaaS Scotland

Technology Scotland and ScotlandIS are pleased to announce the launch of MaaS Scotland, a new organisation that will support companies and organisations engaged in the development of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), the dominant force in the future of travel.

MaaS represents a step change in the world of travel, driven by both technological advances and changes in people’s needs and values. With increasingly complex and fast-moving lifestyles, people want personalised services that are convenient, carefree and easy to use. MaaS fulfils users’ needs for mobility with a wide range of on-demand, tailor-made transport services. With convenience at its heart, MaaS brings all means of travel, transport providers and payment options together into one single service, giving customers instant access to all public transport, from trains and trams to buses and bikes.

With the backing of two of Scotland’s leading trade associations, and additional support from Scottish Enterprise, MaaS Scotland aims to be the champion of future mobility in Scotland, leading the conversation and highlighting the social, environmental and economic benefits of MaaS to key stakeholders. In addition, the team will continue develop its national and international links, securing Scotland’s future as one of the leading locations for the development of MaaS.

Dr George Hazel OBE, Programme Manager at MaaS Scotland said, “Scotland is in an excellent position to play an active role in the global development of MaaS. It has strong capability in ICT, energy and transport, the three key areas of future mobility. It also has a supportive government framework and the right characteristics in terms of scale and geography to develop and test MaaS ecosystems. Our team is planning initiatives that will engage local councils, transport operators, service providers and end-users. By encouraging shared work and collaboration, we plan to drive Scotland’s MaaS community to offer new and alternative ways to travel, address user needs and develop technological solutions.”

To find out more or to join MaaS Scotland, please visit our website at or email [email protected].


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