MaaS Scotland announces 50th member since launch in March 2017

MaaS Scotland is delighted to announce that it has achieved its milestone 50th member since its launch in March 2017, with the addition of Liftshare Ltd.

Recent months have seen the continuing growth of MaaS Scotland, with 18 new members joining in August and September alone. Now, with the induction of several new members at the MaaS Scotland Launch Event, the organisation has expanded its member organisations to 50, including transport operators, service providers, system integrators, technologists, regional transport partnerships, and local authorities.

Dr George Hazel, Programme Manager at MaaS Scotland said, “We are thrilled to have experienced such a rapid rate of growth, particularly in the run up to and following the MaaS Scotland Launch Event in September. The enthusiasm of our members to be part of the organisation reflects an increasing awareness of MaaS and the potential for highly successful projects in Scotland. I am very excited to see what we will achieve together over the next 12 months.”

The next MaaS Scotland workshop, ‘Creating Successful Solutions in Scotland’ will be held in partnership with the KTN on 22nd November. If you are interested in participating, please express your interest to attend by registering here.

For a full list of MaaS Scotland members, check out our members’ page.

To find out why you should join, visit our ‘why join’ page.

Contact [email protected] for all enquiries.

About MaaS Scotland

Over the last decade, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has emerged at the dominant force in mobility development, driven not only by advances in technology and the way we use it, but also by people’s needs and values. With increasingly complex and fast-moving lifestyles, people want personalised services that are convenient, carefree and easy to use.

At MaaS Scotland, we believe in rethinking mobility in a way that is smarter, faster and greener than ever before. Our goal is to facilitate this by delivering new and alternative ways for people in Scotland to travel, working with companies and organisations to create the future of mobility, that is, the integration of various forms of transport into one single mobility service.

All over Scotland, our team are planning initiatives that will engage transport operators, service provides and end-users. By encouraging shared work and collaboration, we plan to drive Scotland’s MaaS community, increasing take-up of projects, addressing user needs and developing technological solutions.

The results will be the development of a thriving MaaS network here in Scotland and beyond, enabling a future of smart, efficient and sustainable mobility and placing Scotland at the leading edge of MaaS delivery.