MaaS Scotland is delighted to be attending the JPI Urban Europe Pilot Group on MaaS in Finland

The JPI Urban Europe Pilot Group on MaaS will be running alongside the 2017 MaaS Summit in Finland

Competition in the world’s cities is becoming fiercer and fiercer, whether it is in commerce, industry, tourism, labour or investment. Therefore, our cities need to be transformed into more sustainable, resilient, and liveable places if they are to compete effectively on a world stage. This transformation isn’t easily achieved; it requires urgent transnational attention in the fields of urban innovation and technological development. JPI Urban Europe responds to this urgency by committing itself to ambitious intra- and interdisciplinary research on a transnational scale. We function as both a gateway and a hub for urban research, facilitating research on a scale which simply could not be carried out by any one nation alone.


– Welcome by JPI Urban Europe
– Sami Sahala, Forum Virium Helsinki, on the Heslinki’s challenges
– Jonna Pöllänen, MaaS Global, on progress and challenges in MaaS
– Presentation and reflections on the draft JPI Urban Europe White Paper on
MaaS Stimulating a Transition to Sustainable Urban Mobility: JPI Urban Europe
programming in the field of Mobility as a Service, guided by Steven Sarasini (RISE
– Contributions to the JPI Urban Europe session How to Speed-up Transition towards
Sustainable Urban Mobility Schemes? at TRA 2018 in Vienna 16–19 April
– An update on the JPI Urban Europe ERA-NET Cofund Urban Accessibility and
Connectivity development