Data: Fuelling the transport technology revolution | 5th December 2019 | Oracle Campus, Blackness Road, Linlithgow 

Technology is set to have a significant impact on the future of transport. The emergence of data led service models (Mobility as a Service) and connected and autonomous vehicles will transform the transport landscape, creating new business models that will revolutionise the way we engage with our transport services.

Data will be a key enabler of this transformation. From fares to scheduling, traffic management to vehicle positioning, air quality to weather information, data will support more informed travel choices and allow more efficient use of our transport assets.

With data at the core of future mobility, questions must be asked about how it can best be used to support a more efficient and attractive transport network.

• How do we best use data to support transport services?

• How do we unlock the true value of data?

• Who owns the data and who can access it?

• Should it be standardised?

• What changes to legislation or regulation may be required?

• How do we keep it secure?

This workshop aims to explore these issues and others though discussions with a diverse range of stakeholders from within the transport, communications and data communities.